2023 Evaluations

To qualify for credit for SCAAP's 2023 Annual Meeting, you must complete the session evaluation for each session you attend:

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    • If you need to change your Profile information, add your credentials, or change your password, use the GREEN EDIT YOUR PROFILE button.



  • Sessions will not be available for evaluation before they have ended.

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Available at the end of each session.  Must be enrolled and logged in to access.  If the "Current Status" bar says "NOT ENROLLED," then log in with the BLUE LOGIN button.  If the blue login button says "Logout" then you are already logged in.

You may monitor your progress on the LEARNER TRANSCRIPT page.  

811-1 Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders – You Can Do It!

811-3 The ABZZZ’s of Childhood Insomnia

812-7 2023 STI Update – Protection and Infection

812-9 Antimicrobial Update: Agents, Antibiograms and ASP

813-13 Healthy Connections Medicaid Update

813-14 Residents Meeting: MOC Beyond Training

813-16 Expanding Your Toolkit for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in the Pediatric Population