Past Leadership

Past Leadership

Past Chairmen of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

1932-1934      Joseph I. Waring, MD
1934-1951      D. Lesesne Smith, Sr, MD
Richard M. Pollitzer, MD
William Weston, Jr., MD
1951-1954      Joseph I. Waring, MD
1954-1956      Mylnor W. Beach, MD
1956-1962      Walter J. Hart, MD
1962-1968      Henry W. Moore, MD
1968-1969      Willard B. Mills, MD
1970-1974      Casper H. Wiggins, MD
1974-1977      William R. DeLoache, MD
1977-1980      David C. McLean, MD
1980-1983      Arno R. Hohn, MD
1983               Donald A. Riopel, MD
                                         * (Served less than one year before moving out of state)
1983-1986      C. Warren Derrick, Jr., MD
1986-1989      John W. Rheney, Jr., MD


Past Presidents of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

1989-1992      Ben C. Pendarvis, Jr., MD
1992-1994      Charles P. Darby, MD
1994-1996      Francis E. Rushton, Jr., MD
1996-1998      T. Dane Pierce, MD
1998-2000      C. Morrison Farish, MD
2000-2002      W. John Langley, MD
2002-2004      Robert Walker, MD
2004-2006      R. Caughman Taylor, MD
2006-2008      Robin LaCroix, MD
2008-2010      W. Kent Jones, MD
2010-2012      Greta S. Harper, MD
2012-2014      Deborah M. Greenhouse, MD
2014-2016      J. Routt Reigart, MD
2016-2018      Kevin O. Wessinger, MD
2018-2020      Kerry K. Sease, MD
2020-2022      Robert A. Saul, MD


Past Presidents of the South Carolina Pediatric Society

1921               William P. Cornell, MD
1922               Richard M. Pollitzer, MD
1923               E. A. Hines, MD
1924-1927      Society was Inactive
1928-1929      Charles W. Bailey, MD
1929-1930      Edgar A. Hines, MD
1930-1931      Mylnor W. Beach, MD
1931-1932      Edward W. Baron, MD
1932-1933      Thomas D. Dotterer, MD
1933-1934      Joseph I. Waring, MD
1934-1935      Julian P. Price, MD
1935-1936      William Weston, Jr., MD
1936-1937      LeLand B. Salters, MD
1937-1938      William Weston, Sr., MD
1938-1939      Mylnor W. Beach, MD
1939-1940      D. Lesesne Smith, Jr., MD
1940-1941      Richard B. Josey, MD
1941-1942      Isaac B. Grimball, MD
1942-1943      Lonita Boggs, MD
1943-1945      Lonita Boggs, MD
1946-1947      George Dean Johnson, MD
1947-1948      Bachman Smith, MD
1948-1949      B. Owen Ravenel, MD
1949-1950      John R. Harvin, MD
1950-1951      Henry W. Moore, MD
1951-1952      Walter M. Hart, MD
1952-1953      C. Benton Burns, MD
1953-1954      J. Rufus Bratton, MD
1954-1955      John R. Paul, Jr., M D
1955-1956      John C. Bonner, MD
1956-1957      William R. DeLoache, MD
1957-1958      Fred F. Adams, Jr., MD
1958-1959      Guy C. Castles, Jr., MD
1959-1960      Charles H. Zemp, Jr., MD
1960-1961      Kenneth H. Herbert, MD
1961-1962      Casper H. Wiggins, MD
1962-1963      Howard B. Smith, MD
1963-1964      J. Earle Furman, MD
1964-1965      Clarence C. Lyles, MD
1965-1966      John W. Rheney, Jr., MD
1966-1967      Jack W. Rhodes,, MD
1967-1968      Charles R. Propst, MD
1968-1969      Colquitt Sims, Jr., MD
1969-1970      Robert W. Gibbes, M D
1970-1971      Harold P. Jackson, MD
1971-1972      George M. Mood, Jr., MD
1972-1973      Hilla Sheriff, MD
1973-1974      Jack W. Rhodes, M D
1974-1975      Robert C. Brownlee, MD
1975-1976      Milton C. Westpal, MD
1976-1977      Arno R. Hohn, MD
1977-1978      James O. Morphis, MD
1978-1979      Ben C. Pendarvis, MD
1979-1980      Tom L. Austin, MD
1980-1981      Charles P. Darby, MD
1981-1982      Margaret Q. Jenkins, MD
1983-1984      William R. DeLoache, MD
1984-1985      Casper H. Wiggins, MD
1985-1986      J. “Pete” Matthews, Jr., MD
1986-1987      O. Marion Burton, MD