Continuing Medical Education Committee
Dr. Matt Grisham
(chair 2022-2023) 

Dr. Jimmy Roberts 
Dr. Jimmy Stallworth

Annual summer meeting poster
Dr. Blakely Amati
(chair 2022-2024) 

Nominating Committee
Dr. Robert Saul
(chair 2022-2024)
Dr. Kevin Wessinger  
Dr. Eliza Varadi  
Dr. Michelle Steffen  
Dr. Weave Whitehead 

Membership Committee
Dr. Jill Aiken
(chair 2022-2024) 

Practice Support Committee
Dr. Blakely Amati (chair 2022-2024) 

Asthma – Dr. Steve Snodgrass
Oral health – Dr. Blakely Amati  
Foster care – Dr. Becky Wright  
Immunizations – Dr. Eliza Varadi  
Breastfeeding – Dr. Jennifer Hudson
Healthy Lifestyles- Dr. Christine San Giovanni
Dr. Erin Brackbill  

DEI representative
Dr. Silvia Pereira-Smith

Out-of-Office Care Committee
Dr. Debbie Greenhouse
(chair 2022-2024)

School health
Dr. Janice Key (chair)
Dr. Katie King 
Dr. Kerry Sease 

Dr. James McElligott (chair) 
Dr. Mark Mitchiner 
Dr. McCorquodale
Dr. Simmons 
Dr. Hensley 
Dr. Rosenberg 
Dr. Kate Hewett
Dr. Jeff Holloway 

Dr. Hayley Guilkey (chair)  
Dr. Erin Smith  
Dr. Deandra Clark  

Liaisons & Ad Hoc Groups

Pediatric Council - Dr. Greg Barabell 

DHHS medical director- Dr. Kevin Wessinger  

Legislative Advocacy – Dr. Debbie Greenhouse

DHEC medical advisory committee – Dr. Kent Jones 

Dr. Lillianne Lewis Debnam
Dr. Michael Foxworth 

DHHS/QTIP – Dr. Ramkumar Jayagopalan 

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention - Dr. Meghan Thompson 

PROS – Dr. Debbie Greenhouse  

Early career physicians – Dr. Mark Krom  

Senior physicians – Dr. Dane Pierce 

Mental health working group
Dr. Dane Pierce
Dr. Deandra Clark Deandra
Dr. Beth Morphis 
Dr. Jan Key  

Pediatric trainee delegates
Prisma Health-Upstate: Dr. Madison Ferguson
Prisma Health-Midlands: Dr. Ashley Nyitray
MUSC: Dr. Allison Kuipers   

Pediatric interest groups & residency programs

Prisma Health Midlands:
Peds residency director: Dr. Scott Carney  
Coordinator: Ashley Lynn  
PIG Faculty advisor: Dr. Sara Lindsey  
Student coordinator: Whitney Abreu  
PIG president: ***
Advocacy director: Dr. Jeff Holloway  

Prisma Health Upstate:
Peds residency director: Dr. Amanda Hartke
Coordinator: Mandy Komenko 
PIG faculty advisor: ***
PIG president: ***
Advocacy director: Dr. Kerry Sease  

Peds residency director: Dr. Dave Mills  
Coordinator: Becky Hasegawa  
Med/peds residency director: Dr. Sarah Mennito  
Coordinator: Krista Jackson  
PIG Faculty advisor: Dr. Christine San Giovanni  
PIG Co-presidents: Cecilia Padron, Alexa Golbus 
Residency advocacy director: Dr. Steph Kwon  

Crisis Response Team
(2021- summer 2024):

Dr. Caughman Taylor
Dr. Dane Pierce
John Langley
Dr. Jill Aiken
Dr. Bryan Burnett
Dr. Constance Yearling 
Dr. Deandra Clark
Dr. Kevin Wessinger
Dr. Debbie Greenhouse 
Dr. Adnan Qadeer 
Dr. Mark Mitchiner
Dr. Weave Whitehead
Dr. Thomas Petrusick 

Members with National Roles:

  • Johnny Langley, MD, FAAP: Section on home care, chair

  • Julie Linton, MD, FAAP: Section on Immigrant Child and Family Health, chair

  • Greg Barabell, MD, FAAP: Payer Advocacy Advisory Committee, chair

  • Jennifer Poon, MD, FAAP: Section on developmental and behavioral pediatrics, member

  • Elizabeth Mack, MD, MS, FAAP: SCAAP, president; Immediate past chair of Section on Critical Care

  • Martha Edwards, MD, FAAP: SCAAP, vice-president

  • Routt Reigart, MD, FAAP: Committee on drugs, chair

  • Evelyn Rodriguez, MD, MPH, FAAP: Epidemiology, Public Health, and Evidence, executive committee member

  • Eliza Varadi, MD, FAAP: Section on Early Career Physicians, District IV representative

  • Lilliane Lewis Debnam, MD, FAAP: Section on Epidemiology, Public Health, and Evidence, executive committee member; Prevention and Public Health Special Interest Group (PPH SIG), co-chair

  • Silvia Pereira-Smith, MD, FAAP: executive committee, AAP Council on Healthy Mental and Emotional Development (COHMED)

  • Debbie Greenhouse, MD, FAAP: Committee on Federal Government Affairs